Wulvern Evicts Anti-social Tenant In Nantwich

A tenant who subjected his neighbours to months of threats, verbal abuse and noise nuisance has been evicted from his home by local affordable housing provider Wulvern.

Juliette Boland of Wulvern’s Safer Neighbourhoods Team explains:
“All new tenants have to complete a successful 12-month probationary period, or ‘Starter Tenancy’, before they are allowed the full rights of an Assured Tenant.
In this case the tenant was subject to a fast track possession procedure after his Starter Tenancy was extended”.


When Wulvern’s Neighbourhoods Team received complaints from local residents about the tenant of a first floor flat in Cronkinson Oak, Nantwich they worked with neighbours and Cheshire Police to gain evidence which contributed towards the eviction.

An injunction order was made by the Crewe County Court which prevented him from engaging in conduct causing or capable of causing nuisance, annoyance, harrassment, alarm or distress.  The tenant continued his anti-social behaviour and was arrested several times resulting in a suspended prison sentence for failing to comply with the injunction order.

Juliette commented:
“Residents should not have to tolerate anti-social behaviour in their communities.
Despite a number of warnings, the tenant failed to abide by his starter tenancy agreement which resulted in him losing his home.
Our message on anti-social behaviour is clear – play by the rules or face the consequences.”

Wulvern resolves many anti-social behaviour cases each year.  Eviction is always a last resort but our Safer Neighbourhoods and Legal Team will use all available preventative and legal measures available to deal with individuals who behave in an anti-social manner towards their neighbours.

Residents who are experiencing any problems can contact us on 01270 506200, with the guarantee that your complaint will be dealt with in confidence.