WTD Promotions Holds Packed Darts Extravaganza At Crewe Alex


Andy Hamilton & Jamie Caven with Karl Goodwin of WTD

Andy Hamilton & Jamie Caven with Karl Goodwin of WTD

Once again Darts fans from all over the North west were treated to an action packed fun evening at the Carlsberg suite at the popular Crewe Alexandra stadium on Gresty road.

Last nights event ( 20th April) starred PDC players Jamie ‘Jabba’ Caven and Andy ‘The Hammer’ Hamilton who both played games against the general public in their first time at one of WTD promotions popular events.

Organiser Karl Goodwin was on hand to ensure the night went smoothly and as usual treated everyone to his humorous commentaries and banter.

The room was filled with Darts fans eager to pit their skills against the players and Unicorn sponsored Andy Hamilton was first up to the Oche.

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The Crewe News managed to have a chat with the PDC world ranked 6th player about what he thought of his first night with WTD.

Andy said:
Im pleased to be here at Crewe tonight, it is my first time at one of these WTD events and everyone here has made me feel so welcome.
It is such a friendly and fun setting and we are all here for the same thing which is our love of Darts.
The atmosphere is brilliant and the reception has been fantastic. It is just like being out with old friends for a good night out.
The Crewe crowd are great and I feel really at home here.
Im only from down the road myself so it didn’t take me long to get here, Crewe has been a great venue to play.

If I get beaten then its all in the name of sport, after all it is what tonight is all about and why we are all here.


There are always different things to do at WTD Darts nights, you can purchase VIP tickets to guarantee a game with the players or there are many other ways to win games on the night, every game is filled with comedy, fun and have the crowds on the edge of their seats.

Next up on the stage was Jamie Caven, we had a chat with him before his games about his career with the PDC and what it was like to be on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Jamie said:
I have been playing professionally for a few years now and it can still be quite a daunting experience.
It can get quite hot when you are up there playing, you are not only being watched by the crowds but also by the TV cameras as well which can be quite off-putting.
If you move your position on the Oche during your throws the TV cameras will have to change their positions too and you can hear them whirring in the background so you always have this sense of feeling watched.
You have to do your best to block it out and concentrate on the job that you are there to do.
This is my first time playing in this sort of setting tonight and I have been welcomed by the people of Crewe with open arms.
I cannot wait to get up on stage in a short while and have a good old fun game of Darts.

Jamie aged 37 years old, has overcome diabetes and blindness in one eye to establish himself inside the world’s elite in forging a successful darting career.
He will soon be releasing a new biography chronicling both his PDC career and the issues he has overcome in his rise to the upper echelons of the sport.

The were some people in attendance who had not been to one of these events before and we spoke to Crewe man Steve about his thoughts on the show.

Steve said:
I am having a brilliant night tonight and would definitely come to another. The atmosphere in the room is amazing, everyone is having a brilliant time and I would definitely recommend that people come down to the next one. I cannot say that i’ve ever been an avid Darts fan but this was definitely worth checking out and has really opened my eyes.
Roll on the next one I say, I will definitely be up here again for the next event.

To keep up to date with news from WTD promotions and their next events please follow them on their Facebook page on the link below.
You are guaranteed a great night out with some of the finest players in the world.
WTD Promotions

The next event is titled Sudden Impact II and will be on Saturday 28th September 2013 at the Alex ground.

Thank you to WTD Promotions for allowing us in to cover the event and Simon J Newbury for supplying the two portraits of the players.
A special thanks to Andy Hamilton and Jamie Caven for taking the time to chat to us.

Story ©Rach Griffiths 2013
Top Group Picture ©Ian Affleck 2013
Player Portraits ©Simon J Newbury 2013 – www.simonjnewburyphotography.co.uk

Sudden Impact II