Town Council Invites Comedian Jack Dee To Visit Crewe

Crewe Town Council logoThe Town Council wishes to make a statement with regard to the recent comments made by Jack Dee on BBC radio.

Cllr Kevin Hickson, Leader of the Council said:
‘he would like to invite Jack Dee to visit Crewe again so we can really show him what the Town has to offer, we value his contribution to the debate and acknowledge that there are real problems to be tackled if we are to make Crewe the great town it once was.


‘I extend an open invite to Jack to come back soon and see how the Town has risen to his challenge’

Jack Dee

Comedian Jack Dee

The invite by Cllr Kevin Hickson comes after Jack Dee Spoke in an interview with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2,

Dee said in the interview:
he just can’t be bothered’ to visit locations such as CreweIt’s miles away,’
the performer said of Crewe.
‘And when you get there, there’s actually nothing to do the next day.’

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