The Team Chongi “Dirty Dozen” Raise Much Needed Funds For Charity

Team ChongiThe Team Chongi Academy has stepped up to a fund raising challenge, for The PeterPan Nursery for children with special needs, by taking part in Tough Mudders North West which took place on 6th October 2013 at Cholmondeley Estate, Malpas.

Twelve members of The Team Chongi Academy, named “The Dirty Dozen”, ran the course to raise over a thousand pounds. They had to rely on each other to get through the 12 mile run and SAS style obstacle challenges including electric shocks, ice cold plunge pools and constant mud challenges.

Peter Pan Nursery1Leila Cartwright, Nursery Nurse said:
“On behalf of PeterPan Nursery for children with special needs, thank you all for your support and donations.
Your hard work is greatly appreciated and every penny makes a huge difference to the children and families lives”.


Mark RussellMark Russell Head Coach and Owner of The Team Chongi Academy said:
“I am very proud of being a part of The Team Chongi Academy.
Each challenge we meet, we overcome. At Tough Mudders, we showed how strong a team we are – working together and encouraging each to succeed in some testing situations.
Not only do we pride ourselves on supporting all our team but are humbled to be able to extend that into the local community. It’s not always about being first.
It’s so rewarding to see The Team Chongi Academy continue to demonstrate their ability to galvanise their strengths, enabling extraordinary things to happen and to convert that into something tangible and so positive for the benefit of others too”.

If you would like to come along and have a look at what we have to offer, we are based at Eaton Street or visit and take up the opportunity of a FREE GYM TRAIL.

Story by Sarah Cheffins.
Photographs by Allan Crutchley of

The Team Chongi "Dirty Dozen" celebrate completing Tough Mudder in aid of The Peterpan Nursery

The Team Chongi “Dirty Dozen” celebrate completing Tough Mudder in aid of The Peterpan Nursery