The St Lukes Hospice ‘Frock Stop’ returns for 2013

By Rach Griffiths

The St Lukes Hospice ‘Frock Stop’ is back, the popular double decker Bus ‘Luke’ is once again coming to a town near you!

Last year I had the pleasure of writing about this novelty mobile charity shop.
St Lukes have kitted out their red routemaster bus with all kinds of lovely items for you to browse through.
I visited the bus myself last year in Nantwich and I was amazed by the range of goods avaliable.

There were ladies clothes, Jewellery items, lovely hats and lots of other super things to see.

Luke is fitted out as a high end ladies shop – lovely items of clothing and accessories to help you dress for that special occasion.

St Lukes Hospice have announced that new for this year is the ‘Top Deck Treasures’ – a range of new goods to complement the Frock Stop on the top deck of Luke.
The Frock Stop will also accept donations.

Venues for the Frock Stop: 
  • Tarporley – every Tuesday – behind the Rising Sun
  • Beeston market – first Wednesday of the month, starting 3 April
  • Nantwich market – every Thursday. Also the last Saturday of the month starting 30 March
  • Blakemere Craft Centre – every Friday
  • Rode Hall Farmers Market – first Saturday of the month, starting 6 April

For more information about the Frock Stop and maybe how you could volunteer then please check out the St Lukes Hospice website on the link below.
St Lukes Cheshire Hospice

These pictures of the frock stop were taken on Nantwich Market in September 2012.
Story ©Rach Griffiths 2013
Pictures ©Rach Griffiths 2012