The South Cheshire Youth League Cup Final 2013/14 Season

2The South Cheshire Youth League played their cup finals today (May 4th) down at Sandbach united football ground.
Every team played brilliantly and it was a great finish to a fantasic season of football for youngsters.

SCYLThe South Cheshire Youth League was founded by Wilf Saunders in 1978 as a non-profit making organizational.
The aim of the league is to provide enjoyable football on Sunday mornings for boys and girls of mixed abilities and to ensure that whatever a players ability they are given an equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy football.

The team and club structure involves parents and coaches working together and is designed to provide a setting which offers children the opportunity to play football in a supervised, safe and caring environment.
The league also aims to develop qualities of sportsmanship, discipline and team spirit amongst the members and tries to ensure that enjoyment of football by the children takes priority over winning trophies.

3In addition to Sunday morning games teams run training sessions & social activities for all members.

The Crewe News went down today to speak to the team of volunteers that work hard to keep the league running smoothly but more importantly encourage local children to get the most out of local sporting facilities.

Wilfred Saunders said:
I had the idea to launch the league nearly 36 years ago and it is still running strong to this day and I’m proud of everyone that has been part of it such as the players, the volunteers, the parents.
We have been on many trips to play in various other countries during the leagues history such as Germany and America.
It is great to hear about things that other children have gone on to do as an adult in the football industry.
I feel strongly about getting children involved in football and the South Cheshire Youth League want to make it as fun as possible.

Children of any footballing ability can join the league, everyone is made welcome.
The league are also happy for people to have a chat with them if they wish to volunteer to help the league on game days or other duties.

Wilfred added:
Everyone is a winner in the South Cheshire Youth league, it is all about being involved and taking part.
Football is something that can bring the whole community together and we hope to continue organising the league events for many years to come across South Cheshire.
Please get in touch if you would like to join or help as a volunteer.

A big well done to Nantwich Pumas, Ruskin Park Rockets, Cheshire Blades Eaglepride,
AFC Alsager Gunners, AFC Alsager Cougars, Ruskin Park Rangers, Red Dot FC, The Cougars, Cheshire Blades, Wistaston Athletic, LLD Dynamos, Betley FC, Ruskin Park Raiders and the Alex Soccer Centre AB Juniors on todays well played games.

The Crewe News looks forward to following you all next season and will be seeing you again soon.

Registrations are now being taken for the 2014/15 season.
Please telephone 01270 253366 for more information or visit
You can contact the youth league by emailing

The Crewe News wish to thank Wilf, Dave, Tina, Mark and Frank for talking to us today and hope to speak to you all again soon.

Here is a gallery of some teams from todays games with their trophies and medals.

 Pictures ©Rach Griffiths 2014