The Diabetes UK Roadshow Is A Massive Hit With The People Of Crewe

By Rach Griffiths

The Diabetes UK Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow has been a major success over the last two sunny days (May 7th/8th) at its portable base on Crewe Town Square.

DSCF3434 (Medium)The Roadshow is visiting 90 locations all over the UK and Crewe was lucky to be chosen as one of the stop off points during the 2013 tour.

The tour aims to risk assess about 18,000 people to determine their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, referring those at ‘moderate’ or ‘high’ risk to their GP for further tests.
The trained volunteers hope to raise awareness of type 2 Diabetes all over the country, they also give advice to people who are found to be at risk to adapt a healthy lifestyle to either stop them from getting Diabetes or slowing the onset of it.

I went down to the Roadshow along with another Crewe News member to have a risk assessment done and find out what sort of risk levels we are at, before we went in we had a chat with the team of friendly volunteers who told us all about what the assessments involve.

A risk assessor will ask you a series of questions (in a confidential room) based on the risk factors of Type 2 diabetes. You will also have your height, weight and waist circumference measured.
Your answers carry points, which are added up – your final score will determine your risk as low, increased, moderate or high. If you score a moderate or high risk you will be given a letter explaining this to take to your GP practice, and you will be advised to make an appointment for a possible blood test.

You will receive information on the risk factors of Type 2 diabetes and advice on how to reduce your risk. There will be written information to take away on healthy eating and keeping active.

DSCF3430 (Medium)

Alan doing my pre-assessment checks

It was soon my turn to be assessed by Chris, Alan had already checked my height and weight beforehand.
Chris told me that I am at a moderate risk of developing type 2 Diabetes in the next ten years, I was given a letter by him to hand in to my doctor.
The whole assessment did not take more than ten minutes.

Ten minutes out of your day is much better than walking round oblivious to a potential problem developing with your health.

The point of this is that now I have a choice about how I want to deal with this, I would love other people to have the choice too.
I like the idea that I know that im at risk of developing type 2 Diabetes, I would rather know that i’m at risk than know nothing at all, in ten years time it will be too late to try and change the situation.
The other Crewe News member had the assessment done and is a lower risk than I am but there is always that small chance.

If you would like to find out when the Roadshow will be hitting your town then please visit the website on the link below
Diabetes UK Roadshow

There is a local support group that meets in Willaston each month ran by a lovely lady I was chatting to after my assessment.
They meet up once a month in Willaston at St Lukes Church Hall on Coppice Road.
May 8th is the next meeting and it will start approx 7.30pm.
Charity fund raising takes place by the group and we will be publishing full details of these events in the next 24 hours.
A link will appear here shortly.

If you wish to support the charity then why not check out this event that will be happening to support them in Crewe soon
Diabetes UK Event

Thanks to Elaine Brass for inviting us down and a special thanks to the volunteers of the Roadshow.

Story ©Rach Griffiths 2013
Pictures © Jason Griffiths 2013