The Crewe Parish Elections 2013

Today is the day for voting in the Crewe Parish Elections across Crewe town.
Make sure you go to your local polling station today to cast your vote before 10pm when polls will be officially closed.

Outside a Polling Station sign, London. General Election day May 6th 2010.It is very simple to cast your vote at the polling station.

  • To cast your vote just go to the desk at the polling station and give the staff your name and address and they will give you your ballot paper.
  • Go to a voting booth.
  • Read the instructions and mark your paper.
  • Fold the paper and put it in the ballot box.
  • If you need any help ask the staff

The number of councillors to be elected for each particular ward of the Parish Council is shown as follows:

Name of Ward of Crewe Parish Council Number of Councillors to be Elected
Crewe St Barnabas 2
Crewe Central 2
Crewe North 2
Crewe South 4
Crewe East 6
Crewe West 4

The Crewe News will be at the live count tonight from 10pm talking to the candidates while the count is taking place.
The results will appear on this page tomorrow morning when all votes have been counted.

For more information please ring the Electoral Services on the number below
0300 123 5016
You can email them on

Candidates for each ward are as follows.

St Barnabas:
Daniel Bull, Chris Cull, Joe Lundie, Simon Walklate

Crewe Central:
James Clutton, Tony Davison, Irene Faseyi, Frank Lepisz

Crewe North:
Terry Beard, Derek Bebbington, Christine Bratherton, Darren Clews, Richard Lee, Christopher Waling

Crewe South:
Jubeyar Ahmed, Thomas Ankers, Igor Appilat, Mary Carline, Barbara Densem, Linda Gill, Robert Icke, Rebecca Macfadyen, Jill Rhodes, James Walklate, Simon Yates

Crewe East:
Damian Bailey, Joy Bratherton, Suzanne Brookfield, Richard Ford, Peter Hargreaves, Irene Hayes, Kevin Hickson, Lawrence Leat, Peggy Martin, Benn Minshall, Nick Taylor, Colin Todd

Crewe West:
David Cannon, Steven Edgar, Robert Handford, Dawn Kay, Stuart Kay, Mike Russan, Jonathan Sutton, Max Tebbits, Nan Walton, Jacquie Weatherill

Story ©Rach Griffiths 2013