The Crewe Parish Election Results 2013

The vote count has taken place at Shavington Leisure Centre tonight to find out who the winning candidates are for the first ever Crewe Parish elections.

It was a clean sweep for Labour tonight as they have taken all 20 seats in the elections.
The Crewe News were down there watching the events unfold and what a night it was for the Labour candidates.
The elected councillors for each ward are as follows:

St Barnabas:
Chris Cull – Labour
Joe Lundie – Labour

Crewe Central:
Tony Davison – Labour
Irene Faseyi – Labour

Crewe North:
Terry Beard – Labour
Christine Bratherton – Labour

Crewe South:
Igor Appilat – Labour
Mary Carline – Labour
Jill Rhodes – Labour
Simon Yates – Labour

Crewe East:
Damian Bailey – Labour
Joy Bratherton – Labour
Suzanne Brookfield – Labour
Kevin Hickson – Labour
Peggy Martin – Labour
Benn Minshall – Labour

Crewe West:
Dawn Kay – Labour
Stuart Kay – Labour
Mike Russan – Labour
Nan Walton – Labour

A detailed breakdown of all votes made can be viewed HERE

The provisional statistics of the turnout have just been announced for the 6 wards as follows.
Crewe Central: 12.93%, Crewe East 19.09%, Crewe North 19.27%, Crewe South 17.05%, Crewe West 15.98%, St Barnabas 12.09%.

The turnout from the population of Crewe is overall 16.81%.

A big thank you to Julie Stockton from Cheshire East for inviting us to the event.
Thanks also to Councillor Michael Jones for taking the time to talk to us about this important event for Crewe, the first ever parish election.

A full list of candidates can be found on the Cheshire east website on the link below.
Cheshire East will be publishing the results from 7am
Crewe Parish Election 2013

Photos ©Jason Griffiths 2013