Tesco Crewe Community Champion Hayley Bicker is locked in for 100hrs

Locked in 1Community Champion Hayley Bicker will be living in our glass box for a staggering 100 hours, to raise awareness and understanding of autism.

Hayley is being locked into a glass box fromTuesday 18th – Saturday 22nd November 2014

Hayley, a 39-year-old Mum of two, was inspired to take on the Locked in for Autism challenge, after witnessing the agitated behaviour of a child with the condition in the store where she works.
She felt compelled to educate people about Autism, not least as many of the onlookers to the incident were confused and bewildered as to what was happening.

Locked inNow, Hayley has prepared to put her life on hold and spend 100 hours away from her family inside the 3 metre x 2 metre glass structure which will be located behind the checkouts at the Tesco Extra store on Vernon Way Crewe, where she works as the Community Champion.

Hayley says:
‘I was interested in finding out more about Autism, and my initial research took me to the Caudwell Children website.
I was overwhelmed by what I found out about the condition and how the charity support children and their families.
It’s the most prevalent disability in the UK, yet hardly attracts the same press coverage as a lot fo ther disabilities and conditions.’

Caudwell Children has developed an Autistic Children’s Therapies programme (ACT); a series of therapies, education, dietary and nutritional interventions. Along with emotional support from the charity, the programme is invaluable in improving the quality of life of children with the condition.

Hayley continues:
“If my time being ‘Locked in for Autism’ highlights Caudwell Children’s work, and helps people to understand the needs of Autistic children, then it will all be worthwhile.”

Hayley, who volunteers at a local homeless shelter every Thursday, says that she’s quite nervous about entering the box.

Hayley explained:
“There will be no escape from the public’s gaze. I’ll only get a five-minute break every two hours so I may get a little bored. I also think I may suffer from sleep deprivation as it’s a 24 hour store, so it will be interesting to see how I cope!”

You can donate to Hayley via her Just Giving Page

For further information visit www.caudwellchildren.com/fundraising-and-events/locked-in-for-autism

Locked in 2

Community Champion Hayley Bicker all set for 100 hrs locked in for Charity