St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice Partners With Zumu UK

The partnership allows St Luke’s supporters to declutter their homes of the CDs you no longer listen to, DVDs you no longer watch or video games you no longer play, and support the invaluable work of the hospice at the same time.

images (2)The announcement follows the recent launch of in the UK, by Congleton entrepreneur Neil Ouzman with investment in a 55,000 sq ft processing facility in Leyland, Lancashire, a head office base in Congleton, Cheshire and the creation of 30 new jobs.
Zumu UK is a CD, DVD and video game recycling business, and based on the launch experience of its US sister website last Summer; the business is expected to see significant early growth, using its transatlantic expertise to directly challenge the few current players in the UK market.

Neil set up the US operation 9 months ago, and already the Detroit-based warehouse is seeing in excess of 50,000 items a day being processed and almost 40,000 downloads of the Zumu trading app.

Neil previously held the position of CEO at Mozo Media Ltd, an entertainment distribution business.

Using the simple and easy to use website, customers first determine the value of their used item, by entering the unique barcode number from each CD, DVD or video game into the site or scan the bar code on the phone app.
They will then receive an estimate of the item’s value.
On confirming that they want to proceed, the customer decides whether they would like Zumu to send them a cheque, or donate the value to charity.
Then all they have to do is print their free postage label, pop the items in a cardboard box, and post to Zumu’s UK handling centre in Lancashire.

Zumu then recycles pre-loved DVDs, CDs and video games by finding a new home for them, or what can’t be re-homed, are then recycled into something else.

Zumu pledges to recycle 100% of the items they receive.

Neil Ouzman, Zumu’s Co-Founder, commented:
“In its 25 years, St Luke’s has touched the lives of so many thousands of families across Mid and South Cheshire and we’re delighted to be able to offer supporters a new and easy way to continue to give to such an inspirational cause.
“We are now very much looking forward to working with the highly passionate team at St Luke’s to raise as much funds as possible on an on-going basis to help them continue to provide their invaluable care.”

Diane Eeley, St Luke’s Head of Corporate and Community Development, said:
“We look forward to working closely with the great team at Zumu UK.
“We all have old CDs and DVDs lying around at home and this exciting new partnership offers a fun and easy way for our supporters to help us continue to provide care for the people from Mid and South Cheshire, and declutter their homes at the same time.”

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St Luke's Diane Eeley and Zumu UK Neil Ouzman

St Luke’s Diane Eeley and Zumu UK Neil Ouzman