Road Policing Team Delights Children With Down Syndrome

Cheshire Police received some excited visitors on Saturday 27 April when a group of children with Downs Syndrome were invited to meet the road policing team at Winsford Headquarters.

More than 40 youngsters from all over the county attended with their parents and carers to see the force’s cars and motorcycles.
They got the chance to try the kit out for size themselves – donning the crash helmets, perching on the motorbikes and sitting behind the wheel of the emergency response car.

The visit was organised by Road Policing Motorway Operations Inspector Liz Cunningham with Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group volunteer, Julie Duff.

Inspector Cunningham said:
“It was the ideal situation for the children because it was a controlled environment and we were able to cater for the children’s individual needs. Some of the children didn’t like the sirens, but others loved them.”

The visit, which started at 10.45am, kept the children entertained for an hour and a half.

It was held as part of Cheshire Downs Syndrome Support Group’s annual fundraiser, Dosh For Downs Day, which encourages people to show their support by donating money and wearing odd socks.

Cheshire Police will support the event on Friday 3 May when all officers and staff will be encouraged to wear odd socks and donate to the charity.

It is hoped that the event will raise awareness about disability hate crime and how it affects the most vulnerable members of society, and encourage the reporting of incidents to the police.

Find the group and follow them on Facebook for more information on the link below.
Cheshire Downs Syndrome Group

Source: Cheshire Police