Residents of A House In Crewe Woken To Garden Fire

Occupants of a property on Pear Tree avenue in Crewe were devastated this week after they discovered a fire in their garden during the early hours of the morning on April 16th.

Resident Emma told the Crewe News:
I woke up in the early hours as I Thought I heard a noise in the garden at around 4.30am.
After going downstairs to see what it was I opened the back door to discover our decking on fire.
I panicked and grabbed our hosepipe dousing the flames with water whilst shouting my housemate to help.
We managed to put the flames out ourselves but we were so stunned by what had happened and called the police.
On further investigation the police found that someone had set our ornamental wishing well on fire which then spread to the decking and railing.

Luckily they caught the fire in time, the decking is right next to the back door of the property and this incident could of been much more serious if the fire had not been found sooner.

It is believed that somebody may have gained access to the property through the side gate inbetween the hours of 11pm and when the fire was discovered.
The chain that the gate was secured with had been snapped.

If you have witnessed anything you think may be linked to this incident please call cheshire police on 101 quoting incident number 97 of April 16th.