Red Lion Abbatoir Closed By Food Standards Agency

An Abbatoir has today been closed at 12pm amid concerns over its ability to safely produce meat.

_65663771_nantwich_protest_464The Red Lion Abattoir, near Nantwich, has been reported to have failed to meet infrastructure requirements and was thought to be a risk to public health by the Food Standards Agency.

The Abbatoir have been in the media for the last few months after a cruelty investigation by the Hillside animal sanctuary.

Undercover Cameras were secretly used to film the staff beating horses with sticks, they also used a rope and iron rods to move them into the already crowded metal pens.

Two slaughtermen have had their licences withdrawn by the FSA while the investigation continues.

A spokesman from the Food Standards Agency said an ongoing investigation into the allegations of cruelty, which attracted protests outside the abattoir, is continuing.

Story ©Rach Griffiths 2013