Protecting Crewe Towns Historic Buildings

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The Town Council’s Planning Committee met to consider formulating responses to recent planning applications and expressed regret about the deterioration in condition and ultimate likely loss of Brooklands House, Crewe.

Cllr Jill Rhodes the Chairman of the Committee said:
“It is regrettable that the Town is set to lose a historic building in the Town, but we understand that it is in a poor condition and that Wulvern Housing has little option but to plan to develop the site.
Under ideal circumstances we would have wished to see a design that had included all or part of the existing building.
We welcome Wulvern’s involvement across the Town and they are undoubtedly helping to improve the overall quality of housing stock.
This example serves as a warning for the future and we want to try and protect the historic buildings around the Town as much as possible and where necessary seek their modernisation so that they become an asset to the Town, but help retain the historic character where we can.
We want to work with owners of properties and want the public to help flag up properties they see as historic.
Cheshire East retain what is known as a ‘Local List’ that already has a number of properties on it that receive a level of protection through the planning process.
They are not listed buildings, but we would see them as buildings on a provisional list that we would not want to lose.
Could I encourage people to help us identify any other properties that might warrant being on the Local List?”.

Kevin Williams, Wulvern’s Executive Director for Growth and Enterprise commented.

Kevin said:
“We share the concerns of the Town Council and regret that it has not been possible to save Brooklands House.
We value local heritage and where possible seek to retain historical features when developing new affordable homes.
We initially sought to refurbish Brooklands House but due to the poor state of repair redevelopment is the only viable option.
We have worked hard to ensure the new scheme is designed to preserve existing features such as the trees and landscaping and the new building will use traditional building materials.
This much needed development will help to meet the ever increasing demand for affordable homes for those over 55 in the area.
Residents will also be able to use the state of the art facilities at neighbouring Pickmere, Wulvern’s flag ship Extra Care scheme.
We hope the new building in time will become a cherished asset to the Town and place where people will enjoy living”.

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Brooklands House Crewe

Brooklands House Crewe circa 1904