Planning Committee Say ‘Protect The Bowling Centre’

Crewe Town Council logoThe Town Council’s Planning Committee considered a planning application at its meeting on Thursday night that could see the loss of the Bowling Alley in the Town.

Members objected to the application for a number of reasons and called upon Cheshire East to take on board the Council’s views on this matter.

Cllr Jill RhodesCllr Jill Rhodes, Chair of the Town Council’s Planning Committee said:
‘we object to this change which would apparently see the end of the bowling alley and replace it with more cinema screens and an increase in the size of the restaurant area’

‘To go this way will reduce the variety of entertainment options for Crewe and South Cheshire as a whole, we support business in the area, but not at the expense of a decrease in diversity of the entertainment options. As such we hope to see the option to play ten pin bowls locally well into the future’

‘A combination of bowls and the existing cinema is a key part of the entertainment offer that draws people into the Town from near and far. We call upon Albermarle Property Opportunities LLP to have a rethink about these plans as we seriously question the need for more screens and more restaurant space.’

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