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East Cheshire Classifieds – Private and business ads for Cheshire.
Buy it, Sell it, Promote your Business with East Cheshire Classifieds, a classified website with its primary focus on Cheshire residents and businesses.

new ecc logoYou can buy or sell your pre-loved goods, or promote your Cheshire based business or services.
East Cheshire Classifieds beginnings can be traced back to a social media group set up a couple of years ago.

East Cheshire Classifieds spoke to The Crewe News and said:
“There are lots of different selling groups on social media sites.
We started a group, but the main problem we found was finding exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily was difficult.
When members placed ads they were quickly buried by others as there was no way to ‘categorise’ adverts, making it hard to find what you wanted without scrolling for hours.
We decided to try and take it further by building a dedicated website”


Over the last few months, East Cheshire Classifieds has evolved to make buying and selling easier.


“The main advantages to using East Cheshire Classifieds is that all ads are listed by category, and each category can be viewed individually.
You can also run searches by keywords, location or price to find exactly what you want in no time at all.
The way our system works keeps all your details confidential too.
Buyers will only see your ‘Display Name’, (which you can specify) and your optional contact number.
They won’t even see your email address when enquiring about your advert until you reply to their email.
We think that makes it a bit more secure than using Social Media.”.

Visit the website at – eastcheshireclassifieds.co.uk
To post or reply to an advert, you do need a user profile to login to East Cheshire Classifieds.
It is simple to register.
You can create your own, or simply login with one click using your Facebook or twitter accounts.
It takes around 1 minute to post an advert with these 5 steps

  • 1. Click ‘Post an Advert’ from the main menu
  • 2. Select the ad category you want to post your ad in from the dropdown menu
  • 3. Choose the type of advert you want (which are currently all free)
  • 4. Enter your ad details
  • 5. Upload your photos.

When you post an advert, you have full control over it.
You can edit it, renew it, delete the advert, or change the images within your own advert management panel. Just click ‘manage your adverts’ once you are logged in

And that’s it, that’s all you need to do to get your advert online, subject to approval.
The site is moderated to try to ensure that inappropriate or illegal adverts are not posted.

East Cheshire Classifieds are proud to be Community Partners with thecrewenews.co.uk

You can also find East cheshire Classifieds at the following places.
Twitter – @ECClassified
Facebook Page – East Cheshire Classifieds
Facebook Group – ECC

East Cheshire Classifieds