Older Men Rediscover Their Love for Football

Age UK Cheshire has teamed up with Sandbach United to offer ‘Walking Football’ sessions for men aged 50+ across locations at Sandbach F.C.

4 team members+coach 2 JPG (Medium)Walking Football is a brand new concept in helping men aged 50+ rediscover their fitness.
It is a non-contact sport, specifically designed for people aged 50 who want to have fun, whilst keeping fit.
The rules are exactly the same as normal football, but with one main exception….you can only walk–no running, no jogging, no sprinting, just walking!

For men who used to play football but now find the pace a bit too fast, or for those who never had the chance to play before, walking football is a good opportunity for people aged 50+ to discover their love for the game.

The new craze has attracted the attention of people with a history of heart or breathing problems and limiting health conditions, with its gentle pace.

FA qualified coach Craig McKeith said:
“Sometimes people do exercise because they’ve been told it’s good for them, which it is; but Walking Football offers them a way to exercise, but without really noticing they’re getting fitter!
They’re just having a laugh and enjoying the game.
Some of the people who come along may have never played football before, but it doesn’t matter because the basic skills are very easy to pick up.”

For anyone aged 50+ who want to keep fit, learn new skills, have fun and meet new people at the same time, come along and have a kick around!
Sessions are held at Sandbach F.C, Hind Heath Road, Sandbach, CW11 3LZ.  

For further information contact Melanie or Jayne at Age UK Cheshire on 01270 219484 or 01270 219484.

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