Samsung’s CES fitness pitch: AR glasses and a GEMS exoskeleton

Samsung's CES fitness pitch: AR glasses and a GEMS exoskeleton

A year ago, Samsung divulged an exoskeleton called GEMS (Gait Enhancing and Motivating System) that could help right your stance and help with regular strolling. It was an aggressive idea gadget that the organization has now formed into an individual wellness mentor. During its CES 2020 keynote, Samsung divulged a couple of enlarged reality glasses – another bit of equipment for the organization – that had all the earmarks of being fastened to a close by Galaxy cell phone. The wearer could then pick a virtual exercise area and persuasive mentor to manage them through certain activities.

The GEMS exoskeleton, which my partner James Trew depicted as “techno-lederhosen” a year ago, followed the client’s developments as they endeavored to finish some turn around lurch knee-ups. The virtual mentor kept check and periodically gave criticism like “great” and “keep your parity.” Once the set had been finished, Samsung clarified that the wearer could investigate their exhibition and recognize regions for development through a buddy versatile application. So, it felt like a blend of Magic Leap and Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure game.

Will this at any point come to showcase? We have no clue, however it was a flawless demo that indicated how Samsung is envisioning the fate of individual wellness.

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