New Community Network SkratchMyBack Connecting People Together To Help Each Other

SkratchMyBack is a new social enterprise started by two experienced entrepreneurs.
The aim is to create a network to ‘help people help people’ with favours / jobs based in Manchester and the Cheshire area.


Steve Taylor, one of the founders of SkratchMyBack, describes how they thought up the idea:
“I was in my local pub and was listening to the regulars chat about the small jobs they needed doing. They were swapping favours and offering to help each other out.
I immediately began to think how could we make this work in a wider arena and the Internet seemed to be the idea vehicle for spreading the idea.


People like to help each other but it’s sometimes hard to know who needs what type of help and what help others can offer.
This is where SkratchMyBack comes in.
We’ve harnessed the power of the digital world and social media to build a free service that connects those needing help with those offering it.


As well as individuals, we encourage charities, community and environmental groups and businesses to join the network, so that any volunteering jobs, work experience and unpaid internships they have available can be posted to the network. Not only will these opportunities help to encourage more people to volunteer, it is extremely rewarding and a fantastic way to build up a new set of skills, friends, and experiences”.

All you have to do is sign up and let people know how you might be able to help, or what help you need. Other people do the same and we can build a community where Skratch My Back connect people – just like in your local pub, library or café.

Whilst you may not be able to do anything specific for the person who helps you, you can help someone else, so the whole community benefits.

It is difficult these days to find websites that are secure and trustworthy.
What makes SkratchMyBack different is that the users can create a profile with information about themselves, skills, photo identity and location.
The team believes this will encourage people to join the network: you can check the person has the appropriate skills, rating, and feedback review before responding.

For SkratchMyBack to work it has to be fair and equitable and therefore they are using points to reward people who help you.
Essentially you need points to get help – so if you use all yours up you’ll need to earn some more by helping someone.

For SkratchMyBack to really take off, they want to encourage more people to get involved with helping others and in particular charities, voluntary and community.

This fantastic idea will thrive in local communities, so why not try and get all your friends, family and neighbours signed up.

SkratchMyBack has the potential to become a massive network across the UK where voluntary opportunities in community services, charities, fundraising and business organisations can post their jobs and tasks, and access the growing host of skratchmybackers who are only too willing to help.

For more information about SkratchMyBack, please visit:

Twitter: @SkratchSkratch
Facebook: SkratchMyBack