New community messaging system – Cheshire Fire Alert

Cheshire residents can now receive important Cheshire Fire Alert – a new community messaging system launched by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service alerts from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service not only by text message but also by email and phone.

Cheshire Fire AlertThe Cheshire Fire and Rescue Alert system is a completely free two-way community messaging system allowing people to receive information about major incidents and news for all areas of the county.

The Service launched a SMS Text Messaging Service in 2007 and this is an enhanced version of that.

The SMS service has been a great success with over 1400 subscribers, but the new Alert system offers a wider means of sending important information about what’s happening in areas relevant to the user.
Receive Text messages, emails or phone messages

The Alert system is totally free and really easy to use.
You choose whether to receive a message from us by text message, email or phone.

Registration is on the Service’s website where people just need to complete an online form and choose what they would like to receive alerts about. Any or all of the following can be selected:

Alerts about major incidents and events in your area of Cheshire, both home and workplace
General news and information messages from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
Alerts and fire safety news for local businesses
Alerts and news for the hard of hearing
Alerts about firefighter recruitment

More than one area of Cheshire can be registered. For example people may wish to receive information for both the areas where they live and work, or where an elderly relative lives.
Register now on this link

More about the Alert system

Alert is a secure community messaging service, powered and secured by the Neighbourhood Alert network.
It enables people to receive messages not only from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service but also from Cheshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch.