Man seriously wounded during altercation on Hungerford Road in Crewe

Cheshire policeCheshire Police were called to an incident on Hungerford Road tonight (1st August 2014) after an altercation between two males.

At approximately 10:30pm – 10:40pm a young male believed to be from a hostel situated on the corner of Buxton Avenue and Hungerford Road wounded another male during an altercation.

A lady who witnessed seeing the wounded male said:
“A man got into a Black Vauxhall motor car and drove off from the scene, but shortly afterwards returned.
He got out of the car and made a call on his mobile for an ambulance but due to another male that suddenly became present he requested the ambulance attended Mcdonalds Drive Thru on Macon Way.
The wounded male approached a member of staff from McColls store who assisted him to attempt to help stop the bleeding of an approx 2 inch wound under his armpit and arm.
He then returned to his car and drove off down Macon Way towards McDonalds”.

Hungerford Road between Coleridge Way and Macon Way was closed off when Cheshire Police arrived but was reopened at around Midnight.
Buxton Avenue remains closed while the police investigation continues.

The wounded male was picked up by Cheshire Police and Ambulance Service at the Mcdonalds Drive Thru on Macon Way shortly after. The black Vauxhall car was also impounded and taken way.

Both males were taken into Police custody,

If anyone witnessed anything along Hungerford Road/Buxton Avenue or at the Mcdonalds drive Thru on Macon Way on the evening of 01/08/2014, please call Cheshire Police on 101.

Cheshire Police cordened off McColls on Hungerford Road

Photo Credit: Anon – Cheshire Police cordened off McColls on Hungerford Road