Malbank Pupils Shine Through At Youthwise Presentation

By Rach Griffiths


Year 7 Malbank pupils have been given the chance to showcase their talents on the afternoon of (April 30th) at a special end of topic presentation at the school as part of a Youthwise project organised by the Youth Charter.

The Youth Charter is a UK based registered charity founded by Geoff Thompson MBE, it is aimed at working with young people to give them opportunities in areas such as Sports, Arts and Multi-cultural activities.

The organisation wants to educate young people in all areas of life such as Saving the Planet, Green Energy, Anti Social Behaviour and Racism awareness.

Geoff Thompson is also the executive chairman of the Youth Charter, he has been visiting the school over the last few weeks chatting to pupils about lots of issues including the sad incident which involved 18 year old Stephen Lawrence back in April of 1993.
He has also been working with a small group of year 7 children to prepare for this presentation, he made the pupils feel at ease before the presentation took place.

Geoff Thompson

Geoff Thompson MBE

As a parent of one of the pupils I sat through this amazing show, the whole thing was wonderful from start to finish and you could see how much work the children had put into it.

The presentation started with year 7 pupil
Dylan Griffiths introducing Geoff to the many parents who were invited to watch the proceedings along with the Malbank staff. This was the first of many presentations that Malbank plan to get the children involved in over the next few months.

The first part of the event was a video of the children that had been filmed around the Malbank building over the last 2 weeks, they told us all about the kinds of things they had been talking about and the effects of eating unhealthy foods, conflict and damage to the environment will have on all of those that live around us.

The children then treated onlookers to a glimpse of a superb sustainable village they had made out of craft materials.

Mr Worth - Malbank French Teacher

Mr Worth – Malbank French Teacher

As the project is also about multi-cultural issues this part of the presentation was spoken in French.

Mr Worth who is a French teacher at Malbank dazzled everyone with a fantastic fluent introduction to this next section of the topic, the children got up one by one to tell us in French, about the buildings that they had made specially for todays show.

The village was a model of what the children thought would be a healthy place to live with eco-friendly housing, natural ways of producing energy, such as Solar Power and how people who are to live there would be expected use washing lines instead of tumble dryers.

There was a Church, Library, Supermarket, Cinema, Museum, Cafe, Hotel, Hospital and Station among the exhibits.
Mr Worth was extremely proud of the children and said they had done a fantastic job with their French speaking, he said it is very nerve racking at times to speak in public in your own language let alone doing in in another one and praised them for their efforts.

A Rap song was then played that was made by the children over the loud speakers, followed by a great video of a dance they had learned.
They were about the Malbank school environment and how much the children like it, we heard how their school is a great place where you are allowed to have a say and share your ideas.

The proud parents were delighted by everything they had seen up to now but there was still some amazing things ahead.

Dylan and his friend Cameron had been working very hard learning a Guitar riff, this riff was from the song ‘Seven Nation Army’ by the White Stripes.
They both did very well and put a lot of effort into their part of the show.

The final part was an African Drumming session which sounded amazing, the children were taught to keep the rhythm by saying small rhymes in their heads, this worked very well indeed.
You can hear this drumming for yourself by clicking the link below.
African Drumming – Malbank Year 7 Pupils

IMGP4680 (Medium)

Geoff is presented with the Canvas of qualities

The show then finally came to a close with a speech by two of the children thanking parents for attending.

The pupils said:
“Thank you for attending our presentation today, we have really enjoyed this scheme of work.
To thank Mr Thompson for including us in this exciting project we have created a canvas of qualities as a gift for the Youth Charter.
Thank you Mr Thompson and we look forward to joining in with more projects”.

The children then presented Geoff with the amazing canvas.
Headteacher Jeanette Walker then stood up to say a few words.

Mrs Walker commented:
“Can I just say how proud I am of all the students, it takes a lot to stand up and speak in public, it is a huge thing that they have done today.
A very well done to all who took part.
Thanks also to the staff who have been involved in the project, it has been amazing.
A huge thanks to Geoff too, he is a great friend to Malbank and it has been great to have had him in the classrooms helping out with the preparation for todays presentation.
He is a world class athlete that really cares about the children and helping them to achieve the things they have today.
The children and staff have enjoyed working with Geoff and we are looking forward to more activities with him.

To find out more about the Youth Charter and the work that they do please use the blue link below.
Youth Charter
To contact the school directly or if you would like to keep up to date with more school news please visit their website.
Malbank Sixth Form College

A big thanks goes to Geoff Thompson, Mrs Walker, Mr Worth, Mr Goodwin, Miss Daulby and Dr Sharkey.
Special thanks must go to the stars of the show, Cameron, Jack J, Laura, Dylan, Jack M, Haitan, Emma, Aaron and Harriet for an exceptional presentation.

The Crewe News looks forward to more fun events at Malbank School.

Story ©Rach Griffiths 2013
Pictures ©Malbank School & Sixth Form College 2013