Magistrate Delivers Letter Of The Law To Students

Foundation degree students at South Cheshire College were given a valuable insight into the law from a local magistrate.

South Cheshire CollegeMr Anthony Bostock JP visited Public and Community Service students to tell them more about his role.

The students undertook an exercise in how to sentence offenders relative to aggravating or mitigating factors in the case.

Students will have the opportunity to visit both the Magistrate and Crown Courts in the future to gain further understanding of the law courts and prosecution processes.

Public Services Lecturer Nigel Bailey said:
“We were really grateful for the opportunity to engage with the Magistrates, and the visit gave students chance to learn about how cases are decided and sentences are given out.”

Public Services courses at South Cheshire College equip students with the skills they need for a career in the armed or uniformed services.

Nigel added:
“There are a number of other visits planned for the remainder of the College year which give students the opportunity to learn more about the court and court procedures and improves their knowledge outside the classroom.”

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Magistrate Role Student Seminar

Left to right is Magistrate Anthony Bostock JP, with students Richard Williams, Natasha Simpson, Scott Birks, Bryn Johnson and Kyle Dovey.