Local Lady Keelie-Jade Appears In ITV’s Scott & Bailey On April 17th

Local lady and all round talented Keelie-Jade Grindley will be gracing our television screens tomorrow night in an episode of ITV detective series Scott & Bailey.

Keelie Jade

Keelie-Jade Grindley

Keelie was born in Stockport and moved to Cheshire when she was 3 years old.
She will be playing the role of Tamsin in the popular weekly detective series which stars Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp.

The scenes were filmed in November so it has been quite a wait for Keelie to finally see her appearance.
We caught up with Keelie and asked her how she felt when she had heard she got the part.

Keelie said:
I felt great when I got the part as since graduating from the LIPA (Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts) in 2011 I had a lot of castings and had to constantly deal with knock backs.

Getting a role on such a brilliant TV drama and filming with Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp was brilliant and a big confidence boost.
Hopefully now this will bring more work for the future as acting for screen and stage is what I feel I am meant to do.

Talented Keelie is also trained in professional dance and attended the steelworks performing arts academy full time for two years 2008 – 2010, she did her last year in acting at Sir Paul McCartneys LIPA.

Keelie continues:
Since graduating there I was scouted by my now agent whilst acting in a Manchester play.
I have done small acting jobs as well as running a small dance school business called the Noir Dance Academy.

Keelie now freelances with a new fitness program called street fit at many gyms and other venues in Crewe and Sandbach.
She teaches baby ballet for ages 2 – 4 years in Sandbach at St. Peter’s hall in Elworth Saturdays 9.15-10am.
Burlesque at Sandbach girls school 18 years and over Thursdays 8pm -9.30pm and adult ballet at Sandbach girls school Thursdays 7pm – 8pm.

For more information please visit the Noir Dance website on the link below.
Noir Dance

Scott & Bailey featuring Keelie-Jade, series 3, episode 3 airs tomorrow, Wednesday 17th on ITV1 at 9pm.

The Crewe News will be tuned in to watch Keelie and we cant wait!
A big thanks goes to Keelie-Jade for talking to us today.

Story ©Rach Griffiths 2013
Picture ©Keelie-Jade Grindley 2012