Local Gym strengthens food stocks for Food Bank in Crewe

Team ChongiMark Russell, from The Team Chongi Academy, a local Gym based in Crewe, took part in a 50 mile charity cycle ride at the end of May, and asked for food donations aiming to fill a trolley full of food in return for his efforts.

The results were outstanding, with over 30 shopping bags full of essential items being donated to St Paul’s Pantry, in Crewe, this week.

Mark said:
“I stepped in at the 11 th hour as one of the original riders could no longer take part.

It’s wasn’t my usual form of exercise, as our team tends to stick to gym based cardio and Mixed Martial Arts.

I relished the challenge, my fitness levels didn’t let me down on the open road and we had a really enjoyable morning.

Instead of asking for financial donations, I asked people to show their backing by donating food for the local Food Bank – St Paul’s Pantry – who are based in High Town and help local people at a time when they need a little extra support”.

St Pauls PantrySt Paul’s Pantry are assisted, locally, by a range of community groups including Churches, The Salvation Army, Chuff Chuff, Charity Tuesday as well as local businesses in the area too.

They will always welcome non- perishable goods such as tins, cereal, rice, pasta, dried lentils and beans, cartons of UHT milk, dried fruit and unsalted nuts, as well as things like bread sticks and treats including chocolate.

Mark added:
“We have had a fantastic response from The Team Chongi Academy members and the community and are delighted to have been able to help in a practical way with the supply of vital items to support local individuals and families with immediate emergency food to support them at a time of crisis”.

“After years of competing at a professional level and becoming a World Champion Kick Boxer, my challenge was to find new ways to direct my drive, passion, qualifications and focus for fitness and self -improvement.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to set up The Team Chongi Academy, continue my training, develop the next few generations of home grown talent and craft a blueprint for all our members to coach them to build their own pathway to flourish”.

Mark’s approach to any challenge is “to be the best that you can be”.

He finished up by saying:
“It’s not just about how you feel physically or mentally, The Team fully acknowledge that we are part of the local community and there is a keen impetus to support others too.

I am really proud to say we have created a place where everyone is welcome to come to train, tap into the skills of our highly qualified coaching team and it gives people the opportunity to experience a balanced lifestyle and achieve positive things in their life”.

The Team Chongi Academy at the gym on Eaton Street, Crewe during class times.

See www.teamchongi.com for timetable of classes or call Mark Russell on: 07702056399.

These will then be passed on to The Reverend Rob Wykes for use at St Paul’s Pantry, Hightown, Crewe, CW1 BBY. Tel: 01270586186.

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