Local Dj’s tested for their skills at ‘The Studio’ in Nantwich

The Studio Dj CompetitionThe Bank Holiday weekend brought local talented Dj’s to a fun competition at ‘The Studio’ in Nantwich.

On Sunday 27th May 2013 the former Gregorys Nightclub but now known as The Studio Nightclub & Entertainment Venue after an extensive refurbishment & under new management, opened its doors to local Dj’s of the community to show their talents in a competition titled “Judgement Sunday”.

Resident Dj Chris Peers headed the competition introducing each competitor onto the stage in turn. Chris was also to one of the judges for the night along with Phill Bebbington. It was set to be a tough competition for them too.

Each Dj was set the task of running a 15 minute continuous set, in a music style of their choice.
During their 15 minute set, each Dj was judged on their technical ability and if their music style entertained the crowd.

First up onto the stage was Josh Burrows from Nantwich, otherwise known as Buzz.
Josh has been Dj’ing since he was 13 years old, he has in the past shown off his dj talents by playing for friends at private parties and also had a short spell sampling his mixes at Gregorys & Nakatcha a few years ago.
His choice of music sytle for the competion was as he decscribed as ‘Hard Pounding Electro’.
For Josh 15 minutes soon whizzed by with him enjoying every second.

Second up was Stuart Boughey from Crewe, aka The Michalin Man.
Stuart has been on the local scene for only a few years, Dj’ing at venues such as Oscars, Steam and Metz for under 18’s and UV events. He has also been involved in many private gigs and parties around the area.
His choice of music sytle for the competion was as he decscribed as ‘Wigan Pier’ style tunes.
Stuart was enjoying the moment so much that it felt like he was going to continue all night.

Finally up onto the stage was Adam Leigh from Nantwich.
Adam has been sampling his music for almost 10 years now, Dj’ing mainly for just friends at home or at private parties.
Adam said “This is my first ever taste of Dj’ing at such a large venue like this, for which I am feeling extremely nervous”.
His choice of music style for the competition was to be ‘Electro Breakbeat’.

So after all the competitors had finished each of their 15 minute sets, it was now left to the judges to make their decision of who the winner would be.

All 3 were described by the judges as being “absolutely fantastic and extremely talented” also that the choice of the winner had been difficult, but alas there could only be 1 winner.

After a very tense 30 minutes for each of the competitors the judges decision had been made.

Chris Peers made the announcement LIVE to the audience at The Studio and to the screams of delight from many friends who came to support him, Josh Burrows was crowned Winner of the competition.

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Story & Photos below ©Jason Griffiths 2013