Lightning Strikes Property On Badger Avenue Crewe

By Rach Griffiths

Residents of a Crewe street are left without electrical items tonight after a semi detached property on Badger avenue was struck by lightning at around 7.30pm, on March 28th 2014.

The incident took place at a house near to the Badger avenue and Bowen Cooke junction.
Emergency services were called when a lightning bolt blew electricity fuse boxes from the wall.

The house also suffered broken windows to the upstairs bedroom along with charring and slight smoke damage.
Guttering was partly ripped off and there is believed to be a hole in the roof to the rear of the property.
The house next door has also been evacuated due to the explosion, police have now cordoned them both off until they are declared safe.

Police were controlling traffic outside the houses as there was a telephone wire dangerously hanging into the road after the telephone pole opposite also burst into flames.

Thankfully nobody was hurt during the incident.

Friends and neighbours were stood in the street shocked at what had happened, some looked visibly shaken by the evenings events.

A resident who lives across the road said:
I was stood on my front doorstep watching the storm when there was a huge explosion sound and what I thought was a fireball, the fireball turned out to be a telephone wire in flames as it fell from the house that was hit.
The fireball fell onto the road by my house
It all happened so fast and it took a while for me to realise what had happened.

Other houses in the vicinity of the strike have also experienced some damage to their electrical equipment such as, televisions have exploded, phone points were blown from their walls, computers are no longer working and they are also without landlines to their properties.

Cheshire fire service were knocking on doors to check there were no further problems for other residents.

A lady also lives on the street also told us of her shock at what had happened.

She said:
I was watching TV when all of a sudden I heard an almighty bang and a shattering noise and everything blew up in the house, my telly, my computers have all blown and wont come on, my phone socket was also blown from the wall.
I just can’t believe it.

The families that have been evacuated are now being supported by family and friends.

Some properties in Frankwebb avenue, Smith Grove, Kettell Avenue and West street are also without landlines and residents have been reporting faults to BT Openreach.
Openreach have been to the telephone pole on Badger avenue to make it safe and have escalated the matter as a serious area fault.
They will be working on telephone services as soon as possible from tomorrow onwards.
Many residents in lots of areas of Crewe are also without internet service.

Were you affected by the lightning strike?
Are you a resident of another street and are also experiencing problems?

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Photographs ©Crewe News 2014
Story ©Rach Griffiths 2014

A short video clip capturing the audio of the BIG BANG.
You can hear how intense the hail was coming down as the storm pasted over