Labour Parliamentary Election Office To Open In Crewe

Crewe & Nantwich Labour Party announce that a new election premises has been secured in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

Dr Adrian HealdThe new office, to be based at No. 2 Nantwich Road, on the corner of Nantwich Road – Gresty Road, opposite Rail House, is to mark the first time that Labour will hold a physical presence in the town for four years, and is believed to be a clear message to opponents that they are ready to take back the town, and serve the people at local level again as Labour once did.

Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, Dr. Adrian Heald said:
“This location of our Campaign Office puts us as at the heart of the Constituency of Crewe and Nantwich in all respects – people, businesses and the railway.


I wanted somewhere that allows the public to have regular access to me as a potential representative, and a place where local people and Labour can learn to feel at home with each other again”.


Cllr Kevin HicksonChair of Crewe & Nantwich Labour Party, Kevin Hickson said:
“I am proud to have overseen the move into the office as Chair of the CLP. It will provide a focal point for our activities.


We encourage the community to speak to us about their issues and concerns and are campaigning hard to win back the seat.


A majority Labour government after 2015 is essential for a stable and productive economy and a more equal and just society.”

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Dr Adrian Heald Labour

Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, Dr. Adrian Heald and Labour leader Ed Miliband