Knit A Purple Square To Help A Charity In Aid Of ESUK

Calling all keen knitters and crocheters of any age!
Would you like to knit to help a fantastic Epilepsy charity?

logo-bannerESUK was a charity set up by Sallieann Gould & Vicki Evans, they have over 20 years experience of life with epilepsy.
Distinguishing seizure types, treatment options, navigating the education and health care system, cutting through the jargon, keeping their ears to the ground to find the latest information and solutions, sharing safety tips and spreading the word that Epilepsy Sucks.

Joined by others with life experience of epilepsy, they are doing it as a charity and are determined to change the perception of epilepsy, encourage self responsibility and reduce loss of life.
It is a charity like so many hundreds of thousands across the UK but their sole purpose was set up to raise funds to provide sleepsafe pillows for people whether old or young with epilepsy.
The biggest killer in people with epilepsy is suffocation during seizures and very often people with epilepsy are insomniacs for that sole reason as its their biggest fear they simply won’t wake up!

Jo McClure of Cheshire Search and Rescue and her friend Tricia are backing this fantastic campaign to raise awareness of epilepsy and they hope to collect lots of knitted squares.

Jo said:
ESUK are launching a crafty idea to raise funds for life saving pillows for people living with epilepsy to help reduce the risks of suffocating whilst having a seizure in their sleep.
These pillows are expensive so we have come up with a crafty idea!
We are asking people who can knit or crochet to make us squares of any size in any type of purple wool and send them into us to make blankets to raffle or auction off to raise funds.

People with epilepsy and especially children and young adults spend a lot of time in and out of hospital, if this idea takes off beyond the raffle idea, we would then like to be able to offer them a comfort blanket for their darker moments to reassure them that the Purple family known as ESUK is with them supporting them.

Please try and get behind us, even one square can make such a big difference to us all.

If we had enough squares then to provide a child or person with epilepsy a way of comfort during their darkest moments would certainly help and with the colour purple it’s the ESUK colours so they’d feel the support and love from the group.
No one is after perfection, just a square or two or more if you can!

If you can help Jo and Tricia support this wonderful charity then you just simply need to knit or crochet squares of any size and in any shade of purple that you choose.
If you have no idea how then why not help with donating purple wool so the knitters can get clacking those needles in aid of a worthy cause?.

Please visit the link below to find out more information and where you need to be sending your squares.
ESUK Charity Knit or you can visit the main website ESUK