“Keep Me Posted” Campaign Receives Boost From Edward Timpson MP


Edward Timpson MP is fighting for the right of his Crewe and Nantwich constituents to receive paper bills and statements from service providers without charge.

Banks and other service providers are increasingly restricting access to paper bills and statements with little or no consultation

Customers are often charged a fee for the “privilege” of a paper statement

The campaign believes it is every consumer’s right to choose, without disadvantage, how they are contacted by banks and financial service companies, utility companies, and other service providers.

Keep Me Posted, which is a partnership of representatives from charities, interests groups and businesses including Age UK, Personal Finance Education Group, Disability Action, Mind and the National Consumer Federation, are increasingly concerned about the growing trend towards online-only bills and statements, and the impact this is having on people’s ability to effectively manage their finances.

Edward TimpsonEdward Timpson said: 
“It is important that my constituents are able to choose how they receive important financial information from service providers, including banks and utility companies.


Customers should be entitled to free paper statements as part of the standard service they receive.


Levying hardworking individuals who either don’t have online skills, cannot afford computers or broadband, or are unable to manage their affairs online for various reasons, is unfair, and we must fight against it.”

You can sign up to the Keep Me Posted campaign yourself by calling 020 7566 9773, writing to Keep Me Posted, 24a St John’s Street London EC4P 4DZ or sharing your stories, preferences and experiences at www.keepmeposted.uk.com.

Keep Me Posted with Edward Timpson

Edward Timpson with Judith Donovan, Chair of Keep Me Posted.