Firefighters tackle refuse lorry fire in Crewe

Cheshire Fire and RescueFirefighters are tackling a fire in a refuse lorry in Crewe. 

One fire engine from Crewe and one from Holmes Chapel were in attendance at approximately 2pm today (12th August 2014).

The fire is inside the lorry, in the main refuse compartment. 

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Hydraulics and electrics have failed on the lorry meaning crews have been unable to access the seat of the fire. 

The crews were called initially to Sweet Briar Cresent but, on consultation with Council officials, the lorry has now been moved to the depot in Pym’s Lane where firefighters and council staff continue to attempt to access the fire.

This incident will be updated when more information becomes available.

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Refuse lorry fire

Photo credit ©Danielle Bennett – Refuse lorry seen being escorted by Cheshire Fire Service to Pyms Lane centre