Firefighters Called To Attend Fire on Ford Lane In Crewe

At approximately 1900hrs of the 14th March Cheshire Fire and Rescue attended a property on Ford Lane in Crewe.

Two fire engines from Crewe and one from Nantwich were called to the scene.Upon arrival firefighters discovered the kitchen of the property was ablaze.

Ford Lane FireDue to the incident Cheshire Police cordoned off the area and closed Ford Lane to traffic, reopening several hours later.

The house on Ford Lane belonging to the Jackson Family was occupied at the time of the fire by several family members including children, all of which were safely evacuated from the property and taken to hospital.
All later being released without injury.

Cheshire fire Service reported:
“Firefighters, four wearing breathing apparatus, used a covering jet and a high pressure fan to put out the fire which had started in the ground floor kitchen.


Additional high pressure fans were used to clear smoke from the neighbouring property.


Everyone had evacuated the end-terraced house when the crews arrived apart from the family dog which was rescued from the first floor by firefighters.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

Many people from the area took to social media sites with their accounts of the evening, many of which were later to be found untrue or exacerbated.
Family members began publishing statements to calm local residents fears, with people then offering support and help for all those effected.

Claire Jackson, family member said:
“My brother and kids are all ok thank god, just been let out thanks for everyone’s nice comments.


We have got the kids sorted for tonight but thanks for the offers”

Cheshire Fire service was alerted by residents from the area, one who described seeing children banging on the downstairs front window for help.
It is believed the Jackson family members including the family dogs, were all rescued by a gentleman from the area, these details are as of yet unconfirmed.

Source: Cheshire Fire & Rescue
Photograph by S.Kay