Donation Presentation at Belong Village Crewe

Belong CreweToday (Sunday 4th May 2014) a presentation of donations from members of the public, took place at Belong Village in Crewe.

April 28th 2014 was a day of horror for a Crewe pensioner during a trip to the local Asda Supermarket.

Mrs Wendy Whittall aged 77 of Crewe posted her predicament onto her social media account feeling extremely awful and silly with herself.
A close family friend saw Wendy’s post and wanted do something to try and help her find the missing purse.

Lacey May Challinor 21 of Crewe made contacted with The Crewe News asking to post a public request for information or if anyone may have seen/know the whereabouts of the missing purse, hoping that a member of the public would come forward with information.

Wendy had made a usual weekly trip to Asda in Crewe but at the end of her visit, like many, used the stores toilets and on doing so she happened to leave her purse behind.
Shortly after Wendy had left the store she was horrified to find she no longer had her purse, suddenly realising what she had done, Wendy immediately contacted Cheshire Police and Asda Crewe customer services about the missing purse.
She had moments before withdrawn £250 cash to pay for her trip to visit her Granddaughter.

After receiving contact from Lacey, The Crewe News happily posted out the request for help to all its readers via social media.
Almost immediately many responses of sympathy poured in for Wendy hoping she can be reunited with her missing purse.

One reader took a giant leap of community spirit,

Laura Evans of Crewe commented: 
LETS START A WHIP ROUND! I’ll give a tenner x who’s with me get this lady to her grand daughter!!!!

Straight away dozens of further comments began being posted with offers of donations onto The Crewe News social media site.
After lots of head scratching between Laura and The Crewe News team donations were able to be received and within minutes they began to flood in.

Lacey commented:
“I was heartbroken when seeing Wendy’s social media post about losing her purse. Seeing that she had also lost a large amount of cash that was to pay for the trip to visit her grand daughter I just wanted to try to help in any way I could towards finding it.
I contacted The Crewe News asking to put out a quick post via their social media to ask if anyone may have seen it, which they were happy to do almost immediately.
After seeing what members of the public began to comment on the post, I thought it was absolutely brilliant and really nice of them.
I did not in any way expect anyone to offer money,I only wondered if anyone may have seen something and could help find the purse.
It was really nice of people to do this and cannot thank all those who donated enough for their extreme kindness”.

After a just a few days a grand total of £150 of donations was received from many readers to pay for Wendy’s upcoming trip, plus an amazing mystery donation of 50 euros for Wendy to spend during her time away.

Laura Evans, Registered Manager for Belong at Home in Crewe said:
“After seeing the post published by The Crewe News, I was so saddened for Wendy.
Working with the public of pension age I know how awful it can be for her to lose her purse.
I wanted to offer support for her and suggested a whip round and offered £10 from myself, suddenly many other offers of donations began to follow so I spoke with The Crewe News team to ask what we could do.
After a while a way to collect donations was made available.
I am so proud of the community of Crewe for pulling together to help Wendy making the trip to visit her grand daughter still possible”.

The Crewe News editor spoke to Mrs Whittall about what had happened.

Wendy said:
“I am so shocked with all the responses from members of the public who do not know me.
I did not ever expect the kind of response given and the kindness offered from everyone.
I knew there was very little chance of ever finding my lost purse, I was so horrified with myself for what I had done.
The comments of kindness made me feel so warm and glowing, knowing that people in our community really do care for others.
I am really touched by all the kind messages from everyone, I just want everyone to know that I am really touched and can’t find the words to thank all those lovely caring people. Just a very heartfelt THANK YOU”.

The Crewe News would like to thank everyone for their amazing generosity during these hard financial times for all.
We would also like to Thank Belong Village Crewe for allowing us to use the centre to present all the donations received to Mrs Whittall and also present her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers which were kindly donated by Caz Collins of Janistocks in Crewe.

Story & Photograph ©The Crewe News

Wendy Whitall presentation (1)

L-R Lacey May Challinor, Mrs Wendy Whittall & Laura Evans at Belong Village in Crewe.