Deliberate Fires In Crewe On The Increase

Crewe residents are being urged to be vigilant and work with firefighters to tackle an increase in arson in the town.

Cheshire Fire and RescueThe call comes as firefighters from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to a number of incidents to deal with small deliberate fires involving rubbish, bins, vehicles and grass.

In many cases, the fires involve refuse left at the rear of business properties or wheelie bins that have been put out in the street prior to collection ad have occurred in the Lunt Avenue, Nantwich Road and West Street areas of Crewe.

Crewe Station Manager Paul Binyon said:
“There seems to be a pattern forming as all these fires have occurred in the early hours of the morning.
“We are actively warning residents to be aware of rubbish accumulating outside their property or left unsecured as this is a serious fire hazard. This draws the attention of opportunist arsonists who may think they’re causing little more than a nuisance by setting light to it.
In reality, bin and rubbish fires can quickly take hold and spread to buildings and vehicles, posing a major risk to life and property.”

Residents and businesses alike are being asked to ensure that bins, rubbish and packaging does not build up and is stored in a safe and secure area until collection. They are also being asked to be vigilant of anyone acting suspiciously.

Colin Heyes, Arson Reduction Manager, said:
“We have had considerable success in recent years in reducing more serious deliberate fires involving property such as houses, business premises or vehicles.
“In addition, detection rates for serious arson incidents in Cheshire are well above the national average and are getting better every year thanks to our effective joint working with the police.
“Other partnership work, such as establishing a link between our control operators and town centre CCTV staff and securing vacant buildings that are at risk of arson, has also had a positive impact.”

In spite of this, the message from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is remains clear – tackling arson is everyone’s responsibility.

Colin added:
“Businesses must help us to help them by making it as difficult as possible for arsonists to cause damage. Members of the public can help us by continuing to report any suspicious behaviour to the police or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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