Crewe West Ward By-Election Results

Labour candidate Kevin Hickson has successfully been elected to Cheshire East Council as councillor for the ward of Crewe West.

Crewe West Ward

Crewe West Ward (Click image to enlarge)

The election was held yesterday (Thursday, March 13th) and the full results are as follows:

  • Chris Curran ~ Independent
    159 votes
  • Kevin Arthur Hickson ~ Labour
    720 votes (elected)
  • Robert John Icke ~ Liberal Democrat
    55 votes
  • Richard Alan Lee ~ UK Independence
    386 votes
  • Chris Waling ~ Conservative
    122 votes

There were four spoiled votes with a turnout of 19 per cent.

The election was caused by the death of Labour Councillor Peter Nurse, aged 78, on January 3, 2014.

Richard Lee - UKIPRichard Lee – UK Independence Party commented:
Well, firstly, it would be ungracious of me not to congratulate Cllr. Hickson on his victory.


We always knew that it would be a massive step, from a standing start, to win this seat in Labour’s backyard, but to poll just short of 27% at our first attempt for this seat, whilst all the other three main parties suffered a lower share of the vote, has to be seen as a fantastic result for us.


What is possibly more telling is the fact that we polled more than double than that of the two Coalition Parties, combined, so I doubt that Mr Timpson will be sleeping too comfortably at the moment.


What we have shown is that we are now the only credible opposition to Labour in Crewe and as we are very much in this for the ‘long game’, we can look forward to many more exciting battles to come.

Cllr Kevin HicksonKevin Hickson – Labour commented on being elected:
“I am delighted to have won the Crewe West by-election.


The result was very clear, in a five horse race I secured half the vote.


During the campaign me and my team knocked on nearly all the doors in the ward and listened to what you had to say.


Now it is time to get on and deal with the concerns you raised.


Having put your trust in me to be your local councillor I will repay that trust.”

All Election candidates have been offered to comment by The Crewe News regarding the results.
We await further responses and will update accordingly

Crewe West Ward map courtesy of Google Maps