Crewe Town Council to launch first Crewe International Festival

Crewe Town Council logoCrewe Town Council is about to launch its first Crewe International Festival. This is to be a community event and we really need the community to get involved.

Go on then, when and where? Market Square on the 13th July between 12 and 4pm (approx.). World Cup Final day!

So what is this about? We want to bring together all of the community to share food, listen to music and watch performers on stage.

Why are you doing this? We want to create an event for Crewe that attracts people to Crewe and which celebrates one of the town’s key strengths. The international vibrancy and diversity.

What is the aim? In simple terms to have a good time, but longer term to move this event on, grow year on year and perhaps develop into a carnival including a parade.

What is the Town Council doing? The Council is helping to organise and fund the event and has provided a budget of £5k. Element hosting has also created a website for us that will go live soon. Retailers in the Town are also adopting nations of the world cup and dressing their windows to add to the atmosphere in the Town.

C I FestHow can we help? The event infrastructure is in place, we need help with two or three things (1) we need your help to connect with the community so that individuals and groups can take tables that they can decorate in national colours, wear national colours and above all bring samples of foods typical of the nation’s heritage and (2) we are looking for people to perform on stage with an act that promotes the national connection to the heritage of particular nations or continents.

Go on then I’m up for helping with this, what next? We wish to hold a meeting to form an organising group, refine the ideas and crack on with planning the event in detail.

Ok, I’m up for it how do I make contact? If you wish to be involved or simply kept informed, can you let the Town Council know using the info at the foot of this message. Ideally, we need to know (1) your name (2) your phone number (3) who you represent, individual or organisation and (4) if you want to put your name forward to represent a country or even coordinate a continent!

Anything else? Yes! please share this email with your contacts who might be interested in getting involved, as they say the more the merrier.

For further information, please contact the Town Council –

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