Crewe Town Council Seeks Views On Community Toilets Scheme

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The Town Council is seeking the views of businesses in the Town on the possibility of establishing a Community Toilets Scheme in the Town.
Such schemes operate in many places throughout the country and are based on partnerships between local authorities and retailers whereby the retailers make available their facilities to customers and non-customers alike.
Such schemes can help increase footfall and can be supported financially by public authorities.

Councillor Kevin Hickson, Leader of the Town Council said:
“I have always felt this kind of scheme is the way we should go and I’m hoping that one or more business in the Town will come forward to talk to us in order that we can look at the options available.
The Town Council has a budget to cover the provision of toilets in the Town and it could be a win win scenario for the people of Crewe if we spent that within the local business community.
All the Town Council would look for in any arrangement would be the permission to promote and advertise any facilities made available by retailers in return for a contribution to the costs of keeping the facilities clean”.

If any retailer is interested in talking to the Council then they should contact the Town Clerk.

If you wish to contact Crewe Town Council then visit the NEW website or why not give them a tweet @CreweTCouncil at