Crewe Resident In Pursuit of Suspected Stolen Bentleys

By Rach Griffiths

A Crewe resident bravely chased thieves through the streets of Crewe on Wednesday evening when the vehicles were spotted driving erratically along Badger avenue.

A Crewe local contacted The Crewe News to tell their story about what they witnessed, they told us they were very concerned for the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the area during the incident.

The resident said:
I noticed something was wrong when I was approaching Underwood lane lights in my car on Wednesday evening at approx 9.15pm.
I was sat at the lights (facing towards the direction of Crewe Cemetery) when I heard a car revving their engine wildy behind me, I just thought it was someone messing around.
As the lights changed to green I proceeded over the junction when the car behind me overtook my car at a ridiculous speed followed by a second vehicle driving in the same manner.
As they passed me I noticed that there was an interior seat cover hanging out of one of the windows.
Both cars then sped off, weaving in and out of parked cars at high speed.
When they went past I noticed that the cars were wrapped in some form of plastic sheeting, it was then I realised the cars were Bentleys.
As they had come down Badger avenue from the direction of Bentley motors I put two and two together and decided to chase these vehicles in case they were stolen.

The concerned resident told us that they were concerned that there was going to be an accident due to the careless driving and total lack of consideration for other road users.

The resident added:
On approaching Broad street lights I saw they were on red, the wrapped cars slowed down and then came to a stop behind other motorists that were waiting.
It was only then I noticed that both wrapped cars had no registration plates on them.
As the lights turned green the wrapped cars then overtook all of the vehicles in front of them and sped off yet again in a dangerous and ridiculous manner.

I decided to call the police and was giving details of what was going on whilst on my hands free, still in visual pursuit of the speeding vehicles.
The Bentleys turned onto Vernon Way and then onto Earle street, crossing the railway line at which point I lost sight of them.

The concerned witness believes that they could have possibly been heading for the motorway.

The resident went on to say:
I continued to drive and went down Macon Way where two police cars came behind me with blue lights flashing, I pulled over and let them pass, I wondered to myself if they were trying to catch the vehicles I had told them about.

The Crewe News have been given accounts of what happened next but cannot release details until we have had these confirmed by police and Bentley motors.

Did you witness anything on Wednesday evening?
Were you alarmed by reckless driving and think that you may have noticed something that can help to piece together the events of that night?
If so please call Cheshire Police on 101

More details to follow……..

Bentley Car Wrapped (c)Josh Rubin

Photo for illustration purposes only ©Josh Rubin