Crewe Railway Station To Move?

Crewe Town councillors are shocked to learn that the Cheshire East Council is to support a plan to close the railway station and build a Park and Ride alternative at a site where the A500 crosses the railway north of Weston.

cheshire-east-councilThis latest announcement was made by Cllr Michael Jones at the full Cheshire East Council meeting on December 12th, without any discussion beforehand and no consultation with the people of Crewe.
Crewe residents will be aware that a group including Network Rail tried to force such a move in 2008 but following protests by many locals, the proposal was blocked by the Office of Rail Regulation.

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Crewe Town Council is committed to keep the existing station in Crewe.
Significant amounts of money are currently being invested on revamping Crewe station, particularly the entrance.
Work is already underway on a new car park.

In addition a new road to divert traffic to the south of Crewe is also being scheduled. If Crewe station were to be closed then all that money would be wasted.

Cllr Kevin HicksonCommenting on the proposals from Cllr Jones, Crewe Town Council leader, Kevin Hickson said:
“The scheme would disadvantage Crewe residents.
The current improvements to Crewe Station would be for nothing.
It is vital to the future prosperity of the town that we continue to have a major rail interchange in the heart of the community”.

Chair of Crewe Town Council Economic Development Committee, Tony Davison added:
“Crewe Town Council is a strong supporter of HS2.
It is vital that the benefits this major project will bring to Crewe are maximised for the benefit of the town.
A closure of Crewe Station was never envisaged in the HS2 proposals and anything that diminishes the impact of HS2 for the town or delays implementation will be resisted by the Town Council.”

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