Crewe Railroaders in 3D!

Crewe Railroaders ready to go into EventCam360 booth

Crewe Railroaders ready to go into EventCam360 booth

An innovative local company teamed up with the Crewe Railroaders last week to add a new dimension to the American footballers’ portfolio.

Crewe-based EventCam360 produce stunning 3D images using a bespoke photo booth that generates a fabulous all-round picture.

The Railroaders posed for a number of group shots that the team will be using on their website as they look to attract players ahead of the new season in January.

Simon Szczurek uploading 3D image

Simon Szczurek uploading 3D images

EventCam360 director Simon Szczurek explained the technology:
“We have 48 cameras that take one simultaneous photo. Then some clever software stitches the images together.
What you get is a 360 degree view that you can play on any digital device.”

The photos are produced in a few minutes and can be shared to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter immediately.

Dan Newton, Railroaders running back, enjoyed the session:
“It’s a unique experience and great fun. You can create your own pose and see the results almost immediately.
Being able to see the team in 3D is really cool.”

The EventCam360 rig has been to weddings, charity balls and even photographed a Harley Davison! Over the coming weeks they will be at a major fashion event in Manchester, followed by a Star Wars fans’ convention with over 20,000 visitors.

Full 3D images and further information can be seen on

Click the image below to view the 3D animated version if it does not rotate here.

Railroaders in 3D