Crewe People Demand Answers About The Restoration Of Queens Park

By Rach Griffiths

Concerned people have taken to a Facebook group this week to vent their views about the popular Queens park in Crewe.
Recently the park has been the subject of a heated debate.

Queens park was dedicated to the town back on July 4th 1887.
A procession made its way to the park where Richard Moon then conducted the ceremony.
12 months later the park was officially opened to the public on June 9th 1888 by HRH The Duke of Cambridge.

The park went on to be one of the most beautiful parks in the North West of England and attracted people from bordering counties to come and spend days with their family on the rowing boats, playground and recreational areas.

The new playground at Queen’s Park in Crewe is part of a comprehensive 5 year, £6.5 million refurbishment programme of the ageing Victorian Park, which was one of the first urban parks ever landscaped in the Borough.
Work was scheduled to finish in 2011.

Local residents have taken to social media recently to express their views as some feel that more needs to be done to areas of the park to be brought up to a higher standard.

A group of people will be gathering at the park on Monday August 12th at 11.30am to meet with the park management team to speak with them about the possibility of volunteers working alongside them to do some tasks around the park to bring some areas back up to a higher standard.

If you are passionate about our ‘Jewel in the crown’ then pop along to the meeting on Monday to share your ideas and meet the rest of the people who want to make a difference.

For more information or to join in with ideas please join the facebook group on the link below
Queens Park Crewe – Get It restored

Queens Park