Crewe Man Jailed For Sex Offences With Underage Girl

By Rach Griffiths

A Crewe man was jailed today at Chester Crown Court for having sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl five times over the course of four weeks which started back in November of last year.

Chester Crown Court27 year old Benjamin Peter Montague appeared in the dock today to receive his punishment on five counts of sexual offences that took place from Mid-November to December 9th 2013.

The offences started when Benjamin befriended the girl on a social media website, they began corresponding with each other using private messages.
He eventually asked the youngster to meet up with him at Queens Park to which she agreed, the meeting took place on November 28th.
After they had spent some time in the park Benjamin then drove her to his home in his own car where he asked her to perform oral sex on him in a downstairs room at the property.
The court was told that on the very same day he took the girl upstairs to a bedroom where they had full sexual intercourse.

Another meeting took place at his house early in the morning of December 9th.
He made arrangements with the girl to pick her up near her home and drove her once again to his house for intercourse, he casually dropped her off at school afterwards.

The parents of the girl were alerted to what had happened when a teacher overheard the girl telling her friends in class about where she had been that morning, Cheshire police were also informed.
After many interviews the girl admitted to police that he had told her on numerous occasions that he loved her and told her that he was going through a hard time as his mother was ill, he told the girl it helped him to talk to her about things he was going through.

When he was brought in by police he denied in his interview that he had instigated the meetings and said it was the girl who asked him to meet her, he then changed his mind at his hearing on January 3rd and admitted that it was him who asked her for the meetings.
He said that he knew full well the girl was only 14 years old.

Montague, wearing Black trousers, a dark shirt and a grey overcoat only spoke at todays sentencing to confirm his name to the court.

The judge read out a letter of apology that Benjamin had sent into the court previously, it stated that he was sorry and he wished he had listened to his head and not his emotions.
The letter also went on to say that he thought the girl had a body of a 14 year old but the mind of a 21 year old.

On sentencing the judge said that he could not ignore the fact that the girl was underage and gave Montague one years imprisonment for each count, he will have serve two and a half years in prison and then will be released on licence for the remainder of the term.

A relative of the girl spoke to The Crewe News outside the court and said:
I feel relieved after hearing the sentence but as a grandparent I don’t feel that this was enough, however at least he is off the streets now and won’t be able to put any more families through this.
It is going to take time for us all to move on as a family and we will do our best to try and get over this difficult time.

Picture and story ©Rach Griffiths 2013Chester Crown Court