Crewe And Nantwich Ramblers At Hanbury And The Fauld Crater

Sunday July 21st saw 38 members of the Crewe and Nantwich Ramblers set off for Hanbury, Staffordshire for their fortnightly ramble.

Hanbury is famous for being near the site of the RAF Fauld explosion which occurred at 11:11am on Monday, 27 November 1944.
This explosion was one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history and the largest to occur on UK soil. Between 3,500 and 4,000 tonnes of ordnance exploded.
The resulting crater was 120 metres (400 ft) deep and 1,200 metres (0.75 miles) across.
The exact death toll is uncertain but it appears that about 70 people died in the explosion.
The cause of the disaster was not made clear at the time however in 1974, it was officially announced that the cause of the explosion was probably a site worker removing a detonator from a live bomb using a brass chisel rather than a wooden batten.

Fauld Crater

The Fauld Crater

After leaving the Cock Inn Pub at Hanbury the group headed West over open fields and styles towards Draycott in the Clay passing through a few herds of cows who were quite interested in the groups progress.

Elevenses were had at Greaves on the river bank.

Fully refreshed the group then headed east through through woods to Woodend and then across more open fields to Hare Holes Farm and Castle Hayes Park Farm where lunch was taken.

We then continued on to Tutbury with some excellent views of Tutbury Castle, sometimes the home of Mary Queen of Scots, were enjoyed during the afternoon coffee stop.

The walk then continued through the old Fauld RAF Camp and up into Queens Purse Woods and on to the Fauld Crater.

The route continued round the crater and looking down into the crater it is difficult to imagine the devastation the must have taken place. Nature has now reclaimed the area with trees and wild flowers now covering the landscape.

After rounding the crater the group then headed back to Marbury passing the old Escape Shaft from the underground bomb store and back on to the Cock Inn pub for refreshments before setting off back home.

Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle

On Sunday August 4th the Crewe and Nantwich Rambling Club will be heading for LOGGERHEADS COUNTRY PARK in NORTH WALES

LOGGERHEADS COUNTRY PARK is 80 acres of a tree lined limestone valley with riverside walks & a history of lead mining. The main paths are gentle but you can be more adventurous & explore the steep cliffs with views over the surrounding countryside.

There will be three walks to choose from of six, nine and twelve miles.

Travel will be by coach, departing from Crewe at 08.30 with pick-ups at Wells Green, the former Earl of Crewe pub, Crewe Library and Nantwich Bus Station

Rambles are held fortnightly on Sundays throughout the year and there are also evening rambles on alternate Thursdays during the summer months. New members of all ages are very welcome.

For further information please contact Marie Leeke (Membership Secretary) on 01270 842661 or visit