Community Station RedShift Radio Unsuccessful In bid For FM Status

Ofcom, the Office of Communications has taken the decision to not award the FM Community Radio Licence for Crewe & Nantwich to Crewe based RedShift Radio.

redshift2The decision has been met with huge disappointment from the 73 volunteers that have dedicated so much of their time to helping RedShift become a well known and respected voice for the communities of South Cheshire.

Station Director Liz Southall said:
“It saddens me greatly to announce that Ofcom have decided that our application was not the strongest for the local FM licence.
Their reasons are, we feel, rather unjust as they sighted that due to the lack of grant funding we have received during our first three years we have not evidenced that we would be able to attract the necessary levels of future grant funding to sustain ourselves”.


Liz went on to say:
“our annual income has consistently been higher than that of the median income for the community radio sector without even being on FM so it stands to reason that by being on FM our reach and therefore income would certainly increase”

Ofcom also questioned RedShift’s ability to deliver one of the proposed Key Commitments of providing 50% speech output for seven hours a day.

RedShift Radio’s HR Director Helen Gregory commented:
“This is a ridiculous issue to highlight seeing as we have been broadcasting 40% speech output for between 6 and 12 hours a day, seven days a week for the last three years!”


Liz Southall added:
“There has been no contact from Ofcom to check our financial situation or even check how many hours we are currently broadcasting.
We have been penalised for being financially stable in our own right without relying heavily on grants and donations, a model that I have never believed to be sustainable for any not-for-profit organisation.
Ironically, since January this year we have put in for two grants and been successful in both but alas, prior to submitting the application last October, this was not the case.”

RedShift does have an exciting Plan B that will continue to support the business, charity and education communities of South Cheshire and Beyond so all is most certainly not lost.

Liz finished by saying:
“I have always had a firm belief that everything happens for a reason and am confident that the excellent team at RedShift can reposition ourselves in order to move on from this.
I would like to wish The Cat good luck on FM”

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Redshift Radio and the volunteers.

Redshift Radio and the community spirited team of hard working volunteers.