Cheshire Fire Cadets Help Reduce Deliberate Fires In Crewe

Crewe Fire Cadets have been helping to spread the word about the dangers and disruption caused by arson this week.

Following a number of deliberate fires in the Queen’s Park area, Park Manager, Elaine Dodd and Crewe Fire Station Manager, Paul Binyon, joined forces to educate the local public about the dangers associated with this sort of incident.

They recruited the cadets to help deliver leaflets throughout the area advising people what to do if they see anyone lighting fires.

Paul Binyon said:
“The leaflet drop will ensure that all residents in the area are aware of the correct number to call if the see anybody acting suspiciously or setting fires.
“There has been extensive fire damage caused to park property in recent years which has cost considerable sums of money to fix so by phoning this number residents can help look after the park.”

The fire cadets and cadet leaders leafleted around 100 homes in the area that also highlighted the Cheshire Police telephone number 101 which residents call for non emergencies or to report a crime in their area.

Crewe Fire Cadets are currently looking for new recruits to join their unit.
If any young people aged between 13 and 16 years of age are interested then they should go along to the cadet drill night on any Wednesday night between 6.30-9pm and speak to the cadet leaders.
Alternatively phone the Youth Engagement Office on 01606 868000 for cadet units in other areas of Cheshire East.

Find out more about the Fire cadets on the link below.
Crewe Fire Cadets
Source – Cheshire Fire Service