CCA Launch New Transport Scheme In Crewe

Cheshire Community Action (CCA) is a local charity that provides community services to vulnerable and isolated people and they are about to launch a new transport service in the Crewe area

cheshirecommunityactionThe new scheme will provide transport to passengers who may be older, have a disability, or struggle to access public transport where they live.

The scheme is subsidised by Cheshire East Council and it will provide affordable transport to passengers who need to visit family, friends, shops, doctors, dentists, hospital appointments and social events, its aim is to help people who want to retain some independence.

To ensure its success CCA is calling on local volunteers to get in touch and register their interest to help with the scheme.
The scheme relies on local volunteers using their own vehicles to transport passengers.
All expenses are reimbursed and all bookings are handled by CCA.

The scheme is based on a service that has run successfully in Chester for over 12 years.
Existing volunteer drivers frequently report how much they benefit personally from being part of such an important service.

If you wish to register yourself to help in this fantastic new scheme or you would like more information then please visit or telephone 01606 350042

Car Scheme Volunteer Drivers Wanted