Beechmere Residents ‘All Shook Up’ At Elvis And Priscilla Themed Evening

Residents of Beechmere in Crewe were treated to a brilliant night of dancing and singing when Elvis and Priscilla turned up for a gig at the centre with the Las Vegas show girls in tow on Saturday night for some Rock-a-Hula action.

Jason Dale performing

Jason Dale the well loved Elvis tribute steamed into action straight away as the King of Rock and Roll with the best of the Kings music such as Return To Sender, Viva Las Vegas, CC rider, Hound Dog and many more of the worlds favourite hits.

Jason is around the area quite regularly and appears at lots of charity events across the North west and Midlands.
This event was a night with a difference as the crowd were treated to the gracious presence of the Kings lovely lady wife Priscilla Presley who turned heads as she entered the room.

DSCF3401 (Medium)

Cassandra Fisher aka ‘Priscilla’

Cassandra Fisher is a gorgeous Priscilla lookalike and we just had to speak to her and find out when she started with her admiration for Priscilla and how she met Jason Dale.

Cassandra said:
I have grown up listening to Elvis and his music all my life, I can thank my mum for that.
The music has been a big influence on me as far back as I can remember and I have always been a huge fan of the King.
I first met Jason Dale when I attended one of his Elvis explosion shows and I was blown away by how good he was, he not only resembles Elvis but he lives and breathes Elvis.

His knowledge of Elvis is second to none and the passion that flows from Jason when he is performing is phenomenal.
You can see how much he loves being on the stage and how much joy he gets from making people happy.

Jasons Elvis explosion show is certainly one not to be missed, we have seen him numerous times now and his energy when he is on stage is amazing, he is clearly passionate about the music and you can see that he loves what he does and enjoys every second, he is quite the showman and puts his whole heart into his performances every single time.

Cassandra added:
I was talking to Jason after one of his shows and he told me I resembled Priscilla, I was flattered by this and decided to take a look in depth at her and I was astounded by the fact I really did look like her.
As time went by I asked my friends what they thought and they said Jason was correct so that was how my ‘Priscilla’ character started.
I started experimenting with make up and clothes, I liked the way I looked, I’ve always liked to be a bit different and I felt right at home straight away with my Priscilla look.
I have always felt I was born in the wrong decade.
‘Priscilla’ now has 250 pairs of shoes and her own wardrobe with hundreds of outfits.

DSCF3372 (Medium)

Elvis serenades Priscilla

I love to buy old clothes that are similar to Priscillas when she was younger, this is the time I think that defines Priscilla, I do buy new clothes too but I usually add lacy features on myself or change them slightly to make them authentic looking as possible.
Accessories are a brilliant thing to have, they really help to add the Priscilla touch to modern day clothes.

Everyone was shocked at how lovely Cassandra looked, her make-up was spot on and her hair was amazing.
We asked her about her make up and hair and if she plans to bring her Priscilla look into a more modern era.

Cassandra finished:
I have spent hours studying pictures of Priscilla to get the look right, it can take over an hour to do my make up as Priscilla always had her eyes quite dark and it takes a lot of effort to replicate the look.
I usually take an hour to do my hair too, it may sound like a long time but when I go out and people comment how much I look like Priscilla it makes me happy, to know that it makes others happy makes it all worthwhile.
I think I will keep my look to the younger Priscilla as I adore her image from that era, this is the look I think most people associate her with and they love to be taken back to the memories of when they were growing up and the King was at his most popular.

The Las Vegas show girls.

Jason rocked Beechmere and the residents had a brilliant time, Jason had a supply of Teddies and threw them out to the excited people on the dance floor, people were also adorned with Silk scarves that Jason had thrown into the packed room during the duration of the event.

At the end of the show we congratulated him for the entertaining evening and watched as people danced the rest of the night away to the after show party.
Jason wanted to express his thanks to the organisers.

Jason said:
I want to thank Beechmere and all the residents for welcoming me tonight. This event has been organised brilliantly and the feedback from those who attended has been amazing.
Tonight was a brilliant mix of people from the ages of 8 – 80, it certainly has been a great experience and you could really see the fun and laughter around the room during my performance.
The dance floor was packed and I really enjoyed performing in such an electric atmosphere.
A special thanks goes to Dave, Tom and Marion from Beechmere for organising the event tonight.
The night unified everyone in a mixture of memories and nostalgia.
It was a real testament to the King and his music.
Elvis will live on in the hearts of people for a long time to come and I think Priscilla looked fantastic.
She is a lovely person and so friendly, people love her at my events, she only has to walk in to the room and she turns heads.

For more information on when the King will be back in our area please check out the website

The lovely Cassandra has her very own facebook group too where you can have a sneaky look at her brilliant clothes and make up tips on the link below.
Cassandra ‘Priscilla’ Fisher

A big thanks to Jason Dale, Suzanne Dale, Epic Promotions, and Cassandra Fisher for a lovely evening.
Thank you to Beechmere of Crewe for the hospitality towards us.
It was another corker of a night!

Story©Rach Griffiths 2013
Pictures ©Jason Griffiths 2013