Award Winning Children’s Author To Visit Crewe

This week, Stuart Reid – award-winning Scottish children’s author hailing from Fife and rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the huge success of his ever-popular Gorgeous George series – will be presenting one of his laugh-out-loud, crude and rude shows in some schools in Crewe this Thursday and Friday!

Stuart Reid 4Although his success can rely on his series of well-written, hilariously disgusting books perfect for children (and even adults!) everywhere, Stuart can also thank his hugely successful school shows.

He is Britain’s busiest author, visiting two schools every day and has entertained over 100,000 children, teachers and parents up and down the UK.

This March, with the release of his next novel – the second part of Gorgeous George and The Unidentified Unsinkable Underpants – Stuart will be performing his 500th show!

The Scotsman’s successes first began after his first book, Gorgeous George and The Giant Geriatric Generator scooped the Forward National Literature Award in 2012 for Middle Grade fiction.
Following from this initial success, the sequential book in the series, Gorgeous George and The ZigZag Zit-Faced Zombies, was released with just as much, if not more roaring success by both reviewers and more importantly, kids.

Stuart Reid 2His shows, unique for their jokes about bogies, false teeth and farts, are ones not to be missed for a wild, wacky and crude fun-filled experience.

Stuart tells us:
“I hate the school holidays when I’ve got nothing to do.
I get grumpy, moody but more than anything, I’m bored.
I love doing my shows and making kids laugh at all the naughty jokes their parents don’t like.”

Stuart should be glad of the holidays, he has to find some time in his busy schedule to write more and more Gorgeous George tales.

Later this year, we can expect the sixth title in the series, The Power Pink Poo Pump!
As well as a release of six exclusive ebook short stories, one every other month.

Stuart is also working on a number of other titles including The Snotasaurus, which is being written alongside his illustrator/author friend, Calvin Innes.

Just how does he have time to do it?!

Stuart seems like he has a lot of Gorgeous George stories still left in him, more stories of poo, pumps and pimples await us from this author, passionate for children’s literature.
Being a member of the Society of Authors and The Scottish Book Trust, Stuart uses his influence and profile to push literature to all kid’s everywhere, even enticing those who hate reading with his rude but hilarious stories!

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