Avenue Q comes to Crewe’s Lyceum Theatre

Avenue QIf you find yourself at a bit of a loose end, wondering where to spend some of your hard earned cash in return for some quality entertainment, you could do a lot worse than pop over to the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe to sample a slice of life on Avenue Q.

What can I say about this show?

Politically Correct, Family Friendly, Safe? No – those are three things Avenue Q certainly isn’t!

This show is aimed squarely at us older kids who grew up with the likes of Sesame Street and the Muppet Show.

Avenue Q was a originally a Broadway smash, running for well over 2,500 performances  ranking it among the top 30 of the most successful shows on Broadway ever.  It then toured all over the world including London’s West End.

avenue q 2The show is a musical treat based around a mixture of human actors and a number of puppets that all live on Avenue Q.

The hairier characters are brought to life by an extremely talented bunch of puppet masters who would be a welcome addition to any stage in their own right.  All through the show the puppeteers appear in full view, but the overall effect is that you only really focus on the puppets and not their handlers.  However the puppet masters seem to radiate the emotions of the furrier cast members on some subconscious level.  I really wasn’t expecting that.

There are a number of songs in this show, and pretty much all of them can’t be named in the Crewe News!  I did say the show wasn’t particularly politically correct and this is reflected in the song titles.

All the numbers were brilliantly performed, and just the sheer shock and disbelief felt by the audience that puppets don’t say those words or act like that , led to raucous laughter for the entire show.

In summary this is a brilliant, funny, rollercoaster of a show that will have you falling in love with each and every resident of Avenue Q.

Avenue Q is on at the Lyceum Theatre from Monday 19th May until Wednesday 21st May.

For further details, visit the Lyceum Website – http://crewelyceum.co.uk/Online/